Trnasformice is a hilariously chaotic and addictive game where mice (players) attempt to take cheese and bring it back to their mouse-holes. The player must overcome obstacles along the paths in order to get to and from the cheese.

While playing this game with another player, you may notice that the player seems to have unlimited resources and is able to breeze through the levels quickly. However, the player is probably using hack  transformice , which allows players to add free tons of cheese and fraises to their accounts. Most people do not know how the hack works, but this article will exclusively explore on how it works.

transformice tool   is capable of generating an unlimited amount of cheese and fraises. It is also 100% safe and undetectable hence preventing you from being traced back.

Hack  transformice works by directly connecting to the servers of transformice game in order to add the cheese and fraises to your account. The tool accesses the servers of the game using proxies that make the hack safe to use and virtually impossible to detect.

Many sites will say you can use the hack without a download. In addition, other sites will ask you to complete an offer or fill out a survey in order to use the hack tool. Notably, these kind of sites are usually scams since you must download transformice hack into your computer in order to use it. The download is free with no surveys and scams.

In order to complete the transformice tool , you must do a few steps for you to have unlimited amount of cheese and fraises. These steps include the following:

Step 1: Type in your username in the box at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Create your password needed to access your account after selecting the IP Proxy option from the list.

Step 3: Type in the amount of cheese and fraises you want to add after the tool has successfully connected to your account. The hack also comes with some other options such as the ability to fly and teleport.

Step 4: After typing in the amount of cheese and fraises you want to add, click on the “generate” button in order to add the resources to your account. The tool takes a few seconds to finish working so be patient.

Step 5: Log in to your account now and you will see that the fraises and cheese are in your inventory.